Every single cookie category on is set to ‘always active’ using a tool. This isn’t consent for non-essential purposes. It isn’t choice. But it is utterly utterly disrespectful. Unethical.

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You can’t even access a privacy policy as currently configured.

Not only is the practice, IMHO, unethical it doesn’t meet EU data protection and ePrivacy law. But you probably don’t care - you probably think no-one is going to enforce such law against you

I mean, it’s impossible to access the privacy policy unless a visitor selects the X (& that is NOT consent) 🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️ And that privacy policy? Someone made an error surely? It seems that it should have read “Your privacy is NOT important to us.”

And here we have it. At least is honest enough to say it doesn’t give a fig leaf for EU law.

So. Block like crazy when visiting

Ironic really. ‘About Us’ “Committed to the beliefs that technology changes the world and that it's a powerful force for good in humanity.”

“147 Countries
Extending our mission to a global audience through international editions and distribution.” <🤔

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