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@aworldinpages Before 10am, not more than 30 mins at one go, not direct on your face, ever... preferably keep your back to the sun or stretch your legs out into the sun... but please, save your face... also depends on where in the world are you, the season and the sun's intensity. In summers, in a country like India, it should be max by 8.30am... in winters you can stay in the sun for longer, but the back/legs rules apply...also re-hydrate well when sunning...

Chatted up an effing storm on birdsite but no engagement. Kya hai yeh re

i went along with AAP campaigners to see what's up with the government and on the ground with the people. This is a government school

Back in 2006, when I was blogging under @BombayGirl , I wrote this on the case.

I was just shy of 24 at the time. It didn't convince me even then.

I no longer subscribe to the death penalty as a punishment valid in a civilized society.


Meanwhile in India, a brahmin from Indian Institute of Total Dumbasses is petitioning the casteist dictatorial goverment to police the country's survivor castes and classes into being their verion of polite and responsible through AI.

Non-Indians please ask all your IIT brahmin friends about their love for casteism

Trump you are a dingbat to start to save being impeached

Mastos on my time line. Where are your compliments?

@bazurk says my hair looks beautiful. *preens* *flutter flutter*

Bloody well afraid to click any animeish illustration on the timeline given the proliferation of you know what

Predators are afraid of me. That is as it should be.

I made this piece of art on Nilgiri Bark collected on site at this lake in the beyond. Signed and left it for the friend who gave me the use of his home in Bangalore.

@voidspacexyz was supposed to email resources he referenced. I'm ohol.priya@gmail.com

@EastIndianMemoryCo Hi would you know of to lets or rentals of the community? I'm looking for a live-work studio space. Somewhere in a gaothan between andheri and town would be perfect.

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I'm ashamed to admit that we as a country have left dissent and protests to our students. It's a burden they've been forced to carry on their own.

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Cops seen smashing bikes after protest erupts at Aligarh Muslim University.

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@wabbster joke? Library, hostels, prayer halls are being vandalised and open firing in a university campus. In any other country, the entire cabinet would have been made to resign and tried in court of justice.

@ehmry 's casual hackerspace in is looking to include more females, if you are interested

Anyone letting out a house in ? Looking for a studio this summer

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