I had a dream where I blew up the General Auto Insurance general with a car bomb.

Boost if you hit this SHOW MORE button and regret it 

Kamala Harris is the Democratic Front-runner.

1 boost and I'll log onto birdsite and fight my ex for this dumb ass tweet

the goodnight spoon bird is mr. sandman’s oft forgotten sidekick

@gayhobbes @Thirsttrotsky for two cis guys this actually doubles the chance of someone getting a dick kick

Keeping off the twitter requires regular trips to the Mastodone clinic

I’m not an anarchist, I’m a communist with severe ADHD

"BOOST" this toot if you are a catholic or you enjoy shitting out of your butts hole

Mastodon is better at accepting and integrating refugees than most countries

youve been visited by PRONOUMN GORMFLEED . fave and boost for pronoun respec, and if you see anyone get misgendered, you can @garfiald, ill avenge u with my sword. if you're not sure about peoples pronouns, it's ok to ask!!! youre allowed to get it wrong on accident if you apologise , everybody makes mistakes, but do try to be mindful! gramfeld is he/him, its ok if u didn't know! now u kno

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