Recently redrew some old fanart I made back in 2012 of Lucy from Badly Drawn Kitties.

Last one for tonight: something I drew for papirux a month ago of her Digimon OC.

Several month old drawing of my bunny girl Leanna. She loves playing portable gaming consoles.

# anthro

Gonna try posting again here now that Twitter is currently getting stupid.

An old drawing from 2018 of my cat OC Carla as a human that I really like and decided to finish it up a bit.

I'm shocked this site isn't getting traffic or even mentioned at all. I know traffic is very low here but at least this site seems to be better handled and doesn't like bigots.

Old 2018 drawing of Nova I dug up.

Belongs to RainCStar on Deviantart.

Why does Hatebreed have two guitarists when there's little to no difference between their lines? Like, one just seems to take more rests and palm mutes one less chord than the other.

Thanks to all my, uh, two followers for staying with me throughout 2018 and hopefully for the rest of 2019.

Finally sat down to draw my cat girl in color before the year ends.

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