I will start my move off from Twitter.. took me too long (sorry, Gargron).

I will be doing a drawing per day for 2020, while listening to an album/ep/single I've not heard before. I will post them first to Masto (but probably also some other platforms).

If you have any suggestions for albums you can post them here. I like jazz, hiphop, rap, grime, r&b.

Bless you 😘

Fun with Flags (with added shields and chicken yodelling) - Podcast Chronicle 5 youtu.be/QuxNiiOnICA

For my #ff #FollowFriday, I'd like to spotlight @hamishtpb since I'll be on his podcast with @HexDSL this Sunday.

Also, @ProjectChronicle is the feed for all my podcast updates and extra content, if anyone's interested in that terrible mess. And while we're at it, the podcast itself is available on #PeerTube at @projectchronicle

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