I'm bummed that I couldn't get anything together for a new costume this year's Halloween.

I mean, I don't go out & party or pass out candy to kids but I Like having a super simple costume I can rock every so often. My current go-to is an old "Gothic" top hat with bunny ears & tail. Whole thing cost a little over $10 if you count the cost of time & the thread I used to stitch the ears to the hat.

Oh! Found a copy of one I liked from a bit ago. = )

It's kind of a quiet moment for her. No smile, just a bit of a tired look. The one you have when you're emotionally & physically spent.

I still really want to do something with her in the future but not even I can figure out a good place for the embodiment of Death in my silly vampire comic.

Someday, though. Someday...

See, she's been a mainstay in my pics for a bit. To me, the mythical "Lady Luck" & "Death" are one in the same. So I have this reaper-styled character that I've used for various things over the years.

She's so much fun to draw. = )

OH! Thanks to 'New Gundam Breaker', I have a dirt basic mock-up of the how I plan to paint the Blue Frame (sans AGE & Builder parts). Ignore the sword & backpack. I was trying some in-game stuff at the time.

The Colors:
- White parts will be a metallic pearl
- Blue parts are a deeper metallic that I've used before
- Black parts will be as flat as I can make them
- I have a gold/copper/bronze mix for details & accents
- Greens will fluoresce

The head in question (from the last Biff strip)...
-> sillyvamp.com/?strip_id=491

There's a lot of mass to it & it's top-heavy. I'm wondering if I can squish it a bit or - in the case it needs some sort of internal structure - I need to put it somewhere.

Plush Decidueye is judging my choice to drink coffee after 2am. o.O

When in doubt, dig through your raw comic files, find the strip the pic is in, screenshot ('cause res don't matter this time) & Away we Go! >.<

Free Comic Book Day 2018 Haul:
- FBDC Invader Zim
- Pretty much just the one gor me this year. o.o

I scooped other books FBDC books but those are for family. As always, I bought some books 'cause this is one of those few days I can get out to the shops. Only got to hit up my fave shop this year instead of my three or four stops.

Exiles is looking pretty good so far. Nice to see original AoA Blink again. Neat new team, too. = )


Now to be productive and see how much of my eraser is left after I write some scripts. = )

Forgot to fix the display on my Tablet PC thingie before a restart. Came back to this...

Some neat memories while cleaning out some old clothes. Found a few classic webcomic shirts from back when that was a rare thing to have.

The MacHall shirt is a fun one. From my 1st ConnectiCon & the 1st ConnectiCon in general. The MegaTokyo shirt was one of the 1st things I bought online (back when they had a deal with ThinkGeek).

Fun Times. = )

One last thought on case design:

I still feel two of my fave designs that you don't see anymore are the G3/G4 Mac towers (of which I still have a Blue & White) & the Compaq Presario 5000 series w/ the transparent fronts.

In general, I just like the rounded details on them. I still plan to do a new build in my B&W at some point. Unlike the Compaq, I'd need to buy a new backplate & power switch for that one.

Since I have some out-of-town family over this year, I'm not sure if I'll get to doing any kind of Thanksgiving pic so...

Have these Hand Turkeys I drew up last year! = D

Alrighty! Time! = D

Name's Erik (Proph, if that's your thing). I'm a cartoonist & creator of the webcomic 'Biff the Vampire'. I dig silly vamps, cute monsters & furry things.

Where I'm At:
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Hope you dig my stuff as much as I do making it!
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