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Erik Amill


Now to be productive and see how much of my eraser is left after I write some scripts. = )

Forgot to fix the display on my Tablet PC thingie before a restart. Came back to this...

Some neat memories while cleaning out some old clothes. Found a few classic webcomic shirts from back when that was a rare thing to have.

The MacHall shirt is a fun one. From my 1st ConnectiCon & the 1st ConnectiCon in general. The MegaTokyo shirt was one of the 1st things I bought online (back when they had a deal with ThinkGeek).

Fun Times. = )

One last thought on case design:

I still feel two of my fave designs that you don't see anymore are the G3/G4 Mac towers (of which I still have a Blue & White) & the Compaq Presario 5000 series w/ the transparent fronts.

In general, I just like the rounded details on them. I still plan to do a new build in my B&W at some point. Unlike the Compaq, I'd need to buy a new backplate & power switch for that one.

Since I have some out-of-town family over this year, I'm not sure if I'll get to doing any kind of Thanksgiving pic so...

Have these Hand Turkeys I drew up last year! = D

Alrighty! Time! = D

Name's Erik (Proph, if that's your thing). I'm a cartoonist & creator of the webcomic 'Biff the Vampire'. I dig silly vamps, cute monsters & furry things.

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Hope you dig my stuff as much as I do making it!