I have no idea how I'm going to string those beats together or ever where it'll go from there but I like how it's looking so far.

Still thinking about that Zombie noodle shop idea from earlier.

The few beats that cycle through my mind are the Lead waking up with an old warning from his grandma of "If you're not careful, you'll wake up dead". The next is he just kinda' hit a point where runs on automatic while he works so he misses the warnings from the other employees that Death herself has come in. The last is her putting her hand on his as he tries to back away quickly, she quietly & politely asks him to stay.

Over on the BirdSite, I dropped three random ideas that popped into my head this morning:
- A fictional dress clothing line called "Man to Wolf"
- An unnamed magic kitchen store idea that sold normal stuff to regular folk out front & had the good stuff in back.
- A zombie themed noodle shop run by stable undead called "Brain Food".

Turns out that last one had some meat on the bone & I ended up writing a very loose opener for it.

Tired: Making quick jokes about random ideas that pop into your head at 5am.

Wired: Losing sleep to write the opening pages of a random 5am idea 'cause it turns out it's sorta' good afterall.

I'm trying to get on top of these Drawlloween pics but I Swear this month is against me. My pup got sick last night & my sleep schedule has been a hot mess since the 4th. -.-

My focus for today is the next strip. It's a simple one but a fun one. From there, it's all catch-up on the rest of those pics. I'm only back a few but I Kinda' don't want to have the end product delayed by too much.

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Since I'm effectively burnt out on doing any digital stuff at the moment (SO Glad the important stuff is done), I'm spending my night catching up on Drawlloween/MGOctober stuff & listening to random playlists.

Stuff like the oddly satisfying "Flash's Slow Jams" playlist that was made to promote 'Zootopia' on Spotify. It's a fair chunk of stuff my brother would listen to back in High School meaning it's also a fair chunk of stuff I ended up listening to as well. Some kinda' sad tunes, though.

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Fun Fact: Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" is better if you think of it as sung by a werewolf.

Most songs are, really.

Despite my usual plans to take all these drawing & pacjacge them up in a book once this month's over, I'm taking this one easy. I'm less concerned about posting these doodles on time than I am in finishing them all in a timely manner. = )

I've hit my breaking point on that other pic for tonight. Now to relax... by drawing another pic.

At least w/ this, I'm using my "Playing catch-up on Drawlloween" time to redesign an old Monster Girl from 5yrs ago. I missed this one & really wish I had a better place for her than as a background monster in a diner or as a pin-up of sorts.

Spending my night so far boucing back and forth between Fireworks and Illustrator putting what I Hope will be the finishing touches on this piece. A tweak here, a nudge there, a long hard think about where I went wrong in my life...

Late Night Gaming Thoughts:

As much as I dug Bungie's companion comics to Destiny 2's 'Curse of Osiris' & 'Warmind' DLCs, I'd love to see a full on series about the Awoken Corsairs or the folks at the Tower. Doesn't have to be a Slice-of-Life story by any means but I've always been curious about the regular characters.

I want to know about the background folks who keep things running. The throwaway Guardians mentioned a handful of times in the lore. The one-shots NPCs you rarely hear from.

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New Strip's up! Biff the Vampire - Dame Grape Goyle: sillyvamp.com/?strip_id=495

Want to see more? Drop by the site! -> sillyvamp.com/

Or Get strips sent right to your Inbox! -> tinyletter.com/SillyVamp

#SillyVamp #Webcomics #Comics #Mastoart

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Dame Grape Goyle T-Shirt Graphic [09.20.2018 to 09.23.2018]
- — - — ~ — - — -
- Originally Penciled and Inked on 90lbs drawing paper (7”x10” Canson Field Drawing book) for Biff the Vampire No.401: “So Close”
- Inked and Refined in Illustrator.
- Finished in Fireworks.

As alluded to in Biff the Vampire No.469: “Dame Grape Goyle”


#Digital #Color #Gargoyle #Mastoart

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@skolli And my blog from like 10yrs ago still exists? o.o

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