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Erik Amill

Currently deciding how much work to take with me 'cause "None" isn't an option. I've tried that. It's... not pretty.

But Hey! First time back on a commercial airliner since 2000! This won't end well! = D

I have work on the table, a deadline for Sunday, a flight out Tuesday & packing that still needs doing...

This is the reason I don't vacation/visit out-of-state fam/leave for more than 24hrs. I don't do this stuff well. I'm bad at the whole "Come & visit! Just relax for a while. It'll be fine!" thing.

I know it's all good. Things can wait. Self-care & all that. I also know I now need to plan for stuff I'd rather not have to. Like... ever.

Ever hit that level of distraction before a trip that you're just useless for a few days before it?

'Cause I'm there. I am So there. -.-

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I did a Thing! = D

Figured I'd put some time in on my Tablet PC. Ended up putting in more work than I originally expected.

#SillyVamp #digital #color #MastoArt

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Spicy Animation Hot Take Show more

I'm so glad games like Destiny 2 autosave 'cause I was Just about to return to orbit to check out the new exotic ship I got. I actually got one that I wanted & my RNG luck is laughable at best.

Losing it 'cause my system had a Mighty Need would not have ended well. -.-

Me: Alrighty! Got in some game time. I think this is the perfect place to quit for the night. Just need to--
Me: -- wait for this update to finish, I guess. -.-

Coffee of Folgers...
Give me the Might,
The Muscle,
The Awareness
of Prophet!! >.<

*Sips coffee*

Fun Fact: Being so thoroughly drenched in the ways of properly recording & watching VHS tapes for a very large chunk of my life is the reason I can't stand that overdone "Tape" effect that see people use for 80's & 90's nostalgia video stuff.

I get it, the tracking is off & your deck needs cleaning. That or your tape is trash & you should maybe check your connections. It's neat for a sec, not an entire video. Trust me, I remember when that was the best folks cared to do. -.-

Cable's out tonight. Limited 'Net, no TV. Perfect time to dig into my old VHS collection & enjoy old videos on a modern screen. = )

Tonight's Playlist:
- Cats Don't Dance
- Sonic the Hedgehog (The ADV release)
- The Great Mouse Detective
- Tenchi in Love? That or maybe Battle Arena Toshinden?
- Street Fighter 2: The Animated Film (Uncut!)

I'd dig deeper but I have... A Lot of tapes with a metric crap-ton of films between them from years of my family renting & recording releases. o.o

Imagine you strafe right around a corner in PVP thinking you got the drop on someone only to be met with a rain of fire 'cause your opponent is a lefty.


You're backed into a corner. Baddies to the left, a wall on your right, unbreakable object is blocking your shot... so you switch hands & you're back in the fight again.

It's an idea. Just tossing it out into the aether so better folks than I can take it & run with it.

After years of playing various FPS's, I think I've come up with the hottest game changer mechanic that rarely anyone does...

Allow your players & enemies to be left-handed/ambidextrous.

As much as I love the thrill of figuring out an enemy's cone of fire & tucking in close enough to cover that it's completely blocked while I can freely shoot 'cause we're both righties, it'd be delightful to see them suddenly switch hands between volleys. o.O

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It's amazing how fast I am when I'm drawing on camera. Where is that speed when I'm Not on the spot? o.O

Hey Folks! Gonna' spark a comic art broadcast! = )
Swing by and Kill Some Time! = )

Kinda' like that error. I don't read comics... I read Book Books.

I make Book Books, too! = D

Support your local Book Book makerer and Buy My Book Books!! -

Free Comic Book Day 2018 Haul:
- FBDC Invader Zim
- Pretty much just the one gor me this year. o.o

I scooped other books FBDC books but those are for family. As always, I bought some books 'cause this is one of those few days I can get out to the shops. Only got to hit up my fave shop this year instead of my three or four stops.

Exiles is looking pretty good so far. Nice to see original AoA Blink again. Neat new team, too. = )