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And Done! = D

Aside from a few slight hiccups, it was a success. That's two of four strips in this story bit done. Thanks to all who dropped by! = )

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Hey Folks! I'm going to attempt an art broadcast! >.<

Drop by to watch me work on my comic or ask questions or... just chill & stuff. = )

Case in Point: The Guts.
There's So much space in the thing to work with IF I play my cards right.

Years of fixing computers has taught me the ways of wire origami. My thing is I'm also big on connectors so I can pull things apart all easy like. It's great for maintenance but it could hurt me in the end.

Should be inking. Instead, I'm thinking about that Tiger Pi handheld I still want to build & how I'm going to transfer the four screen button functions to the controller board.

I'm Probably not going to use the original controller board. Just straight up gut the original working electronics & set 'em aside 'cause they still work just fine. No reason to cannibalize working parts when they're hella simple to reproduce/improve 'em.

Still thinking about that list of my old projects...

My biggest disappointment is with 'Instinctive'. That world still has legs & I'd love to revisit it again someday. It's a fun concept to play with that's loose enough at its surface to do whatever you want to with it.

What I'd Really love is to have the funds to pay an artist to help bring the stories I have made to life...

So writing this list up kinda' killed me for a bit.

One thing I wanted to keep from my old site is my museum - my little archive of old projects that made it past the "Hey! Here's a neat idea!" phase. Out of ten projects to reach that point, only two still really live. The rest are in some state of artistic limbo.

I still plan on keeping it but Hot Damn! I let things slip over the years. -.-

I kinda' want to do that whole decade thingie (be it the photos one or just what I've accomplished since '09) but I still have personal issues. All the things I could do are sarcastic or feel halfhearted. Someday, once I've worked on the whole "I Really don't like certain aspects of myself" thing, I'll join in on the fun.

For now... I'm just diggin' other folks posts. Ya'll are doing awesome. Keep on keepin' on! = )

Ya' know the downside to wanting to finish a few comics before I post them?

I want to post this one. Right now. Like... I just finished it up. My muscle memory is telling me to set the thing to post on Sunday & set up for the next one.

But I Can't post it yet.

I have to finish the rest of this story bit up first so I have some kind of regularity in the updates.

How do folks with any kind of buffer show restraint? o.O

Granted, that's never stopped me before but still... -.-

I require coffee but it's 2:30am & I'm pretty sure that's a bad idea. -.-

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Pros to this approach:
- I can apparently draw a single page in a night regardless of how many panels make it up. Seems goofy but I was worried I couldn't after all these years.
- I can visualize the whole thing Way easier when I'm not forced to flip back & forth between halves in my strip book like I'm frenzied animator.

Cons to this approach:
- These pages are now loose. They can disappear way easier than my strip book can.
- I have to trust that my printers will work when I need them to. -.-

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So... I'm trying something different for this next story bit for my comic.

It's a bunch of double decker strips so I figured that this would be an awesome time to try drawing each part on a single piece of paper instead of splitting them into singles & sticking them together in post. One drawn page is one comic instead of one drawn page being only half. I built some templates, printed 'em out & finally got to working on it tonight.

Moral of the Story:
Be careful if you get those Gundam Universal Unit toys. Either ream the holes out a bit or take some material off the posts for the knees & elbows. It shouldn't take much to improve movement w/out killing posability.

Also, get yourself a Gundam Assault Kindgom toy. They're pretty much pre-built, some have good hand options & they come w/ a stand. I use mine as portable physical reference for poses.

The Universal Units would be great for that, too, but lack the stand.

On the Plus Side:

I found that the relative height isn't the only thing the Universal Units had in common w/ the Assault Kingdom toys. Turns out the weapons fit. This means I can do fun things like give my little G-Self a Massive firepower upgrade. = )

So here I am, trying hard to snap up an arm when I notice I had the piece backwards. I carefully try to work it back off the post when it gives.

My poor tiny Gundam X was disarmed. -.-

First, some info.

This thing's about the size of the Gundam Assault Kindgom toys (about the height of a credit card). Unlike those toys, it's made of a harder plastic & is a straight up tiny kit w/ parts runners & stickers & whatnot. Biggest pre-built piece in it is the body & head 'cause they're painted up all nice.

And the thing looks nice when done! A+! Great Job!

One Minor issue... the tolerances for the parts you snap up are Tight. Too tight for the plastic it's made from. -.-

So! Since I was having trouble writing earlier, I decided to snap up a tiny Gunpla kit & clear my head. It was a Gundam X model Universal Unit - one of the small blind box dealies w/ the Bandai gum in it.

It was... Yeah. o.O

This is where my head is at w/ this update.

My personal site is my place online. It also just happens to be where folks looking for Me can find something other than my art mixed in w/ links to other's work or my work reposted to certain questionable fandom sites. -.-

So my idea is to balance it out between a proper work portfolio & professional contact place & Me - the guy who draws goofy stuff for a living & has had a cartoon cat as his online face for 20yrs.

I guess I should probably mention that I Finally finished off the actual gallery part of my site. Two sections - Digital & Traditional - w/ work going back to January of 2010 (Slightly earlier than my Art Tumblr).

That amount of work is overkill but it's acting in part as a current showcase as well as a personal museum of sorts. Basically, 2010 was the start of a good amount of growth for me. I was 3yrs out of college & 4yrs into my comic. It was a type of turning point for me.

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