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Hmm... I'm up to three story bits, a one-shot(?) and a two pager. Scripting isn't going as smoothly as I'd like this time around. o.@

OKAY! I just spent the night messing around in Google Webmaster Tools for the first time in FAR Too long and Ho Boy! Did they add stuff to it.

Remember Kids: Don't be like me. Check in to your little webtools regularly. And by "regularly", I mean "more than once every two years or so". -.-

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Couldn't write tonight so I decided to draw! I decided to play with Techie - an old mouse character from a long dead project I've had on my mind lately.

Gave up halfway through on making things right and focused on just getting my idea down on paper. Enjoy the cringe inducing pose/outfit/everything. = )

Whoo! Valentine's Day story bit is Done! = D

Now to figure out something else to write. Two story bits & a one-shot does not a proper buffer make (for me, at least).

I grew up on sitcoms. Every now & again, I have to stop myself from going full on "Very Special Episode" when writing my comic. The temptation to get really dramatic/dark/serious is always there but it's so out of line with it.

That's why I got other projects to pick dump that into. They may never get made but they still serve a good purpose. = )

Note: Last time I did a proper Valentine's Day story, it got a little heavy.

My goal is to keep this one from lighter as it involves two other characters who are generally happier & less "Have Known Isses with Certain Things".

*Sits down to write a Valentine's Day story bit*
Me: Going to keep this one light & quick. Eyup!
*Last line of opening strip reads "I love her."*
Me: Aw, nuts...

Things I found while writing tonight:
- I need to look up some neat French names for a new character as she's a monster from French legends.
- Count Chocula's first name is Alfred (according to Wikipedia. I have yet to find anything else to back the claim up.)

No word yet on who Boo Berry was in life, what position Yummy Mummy held before embalming or why General Mills won't make use Fruit Brute to dominate the relatively untapped cereal eating werewolf market.

Thank you! I'm here all night! Don't forget to tip the waitstaff! = D

*Shows self out*


Now to be productive and see how much of my eraser is left after I write some scripts. = )

Not too shabby. Spent an hour or so burning through a comic's archives. Haven't dug a comic enough to do that in a Long time.

Now I'm setting down with a decent cup of coffee to work 'till Dawn (as is my way). Time to write All the Things!! >.<

I know folks were probably waiting with bated breath for an update. The glamorous life of a cartoonist and all. = D

*Farts off to chill & hope something comes to him*

*Or people take advantage of this time to send in letters for Biff and the Crew - Subject: Ask a Vampire
Email: Biff [at] SillyVamp[dot]com
or use the handy link at

Questions might get answered in Comic Form!*

Scripting Update!:
One fairly short story bit in the bag. Kinda' want to write a few one-shots but I'm still stupid low on ideas at the moment. o.@

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Walking Sleep [01.04.2018 to 01.08.2018]
- 4H and HB Pencil on Sketchbook paper.
- Colored in Autodesk Sketchbook on a Lifebook T4220.
- Text and Effects in Fireworks.

#MastoArt #digital #color #furry #artwork

*Runs videos on Flexbox & grid while working*
So... I guess Tables are back again but all fancy & whatnot? o.O

Progress!! = D

It's slow going but I'm getting used to SketchBook's desktop layout. I'd love it if there were an option for the simpler Mobile setup (ie - The One I'm Used To). Right now, it's a lot of fighting muscle memory & clicking where things would be.

I'll get used to it eventually. Kinda' have to if I want to get the best use out it. = )

On the Plus Side: I didn't have to cycle through screen orientations to get back to the one I rock when I draw. = )

Forgot to fix the display on my Tablet PC thingie before a restart. Came back to this...

Hmm... I Think my local soda place finally ships their soda out-of-state.

This means that I Might be able to send my relations who escaped this town with delicious sodas. Now if the Really good pizza place would freeze their pies so I could mail 'em to parts unknown. o.O

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