After a review of Proton’s social footprint, we’ve decided to refocus our efforts into fewer channels where we can give our 100% to serve the community with relevant content, updates about the , and our take on breaking privacy news.

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Thank you again to our community for your support!

Starting today, you can create up to 10 calendars in ProtonCalendar beta. You'll be able to move events between calendars, too. Users with Plus plans can start testing this feature at Stay tuned for more updates from the team!

Our ProtonCalendar team is working hard on a new release with more features.
Until then, here's a reminder how we encrypt your data to ensure it stays safe:

The ProtonMail bug bounty program also applies to ProtonCalendar. You can earn up to $10,000 for qualifying vulnerabilities. See our bug bounty rules here:

The California data privacy law took effect yesterday, requiring businesses to get your consent before profiting off your data. At Proton, we don't abuse your privacy for profit. Ever.

The day has arrived! ProtonCalendar is now in open beta. Stay organized and stop corporations from spying on your schedule. Paid users can begin testing it today. Full details here:


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