The day has arrived! ProtonCalendar is now in open beta. Stay organized and stop corporations from spying on your schedule. Paid users can begin testing it today. Full details here:

A calendar is more than just a tool. It’s a record of the moments that make up your life. Today, we're happy to announce the launch of ProtonCalendar beta for all paid users. ProtonCalendar keeps your events private and secure. Learn more here:

@protonmail nice! will it eventually be available for free users?

According to the blog there will be a free version with less features than the paid version.

once ProtonCalendar is publicly released, a basic version will be available to all ProtonMail user

From the article ^

iOS is already open source, android will arrive 2020 because it is still audited by external security company...

I believe the calendar app is stand-alone. So I am wondering if we'll have to wait for the audit process again. Which for protonmail seemed to have taken a while.

@ProtonCalendar not a fan of the “no other calendar does this” parts in bold. Feels like a false, unnecessary potshot at Tutanota calendar. But I’ll try it out and submit feedback anyways.

@ProtonCalendar it’s promising but right now it doesn’t do me any good using it only via the desktop website. I need something mobile-friendly, even if it’s part of the existing mail app like Tutanota. Speaking of, I like that you can set a time zone independent of the device you use, so that’s a feature you have that Tutanota doesn’t and I appreciate it.

@ProtonCalendar Yay! a calendar ..Thank youu.. that’s nice …*keep on sorting through the presents ..there’s gotta be a Protondrive somewhere ..I’ve been promised after all..

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