This November, I’ll be proud to cast my vote for the alleged rapist warmonger who locked migrant children in concentration camps and threw away the key while suffering rapid cognitive deterioration in full public view, though I suppose I should be more specific.

Over five years, Bernie Sanders catalyzed in me a deep intellectual awareness to the depravities of Western capitalism. He didn't just inspire my anger at those in charge; he helped show me how angry I had every right to be. Tens of millions feel the same. There is no going back.

The fact that corporate-owned media outlets aren’t working overtime to exonerate Joe Biden from the rape accusation, opting instead to ignore it entirely, means that somebody, somewhere, knows it’s true.

John Lewis spent his youth getting pummeled & spat on by racist cops and segregationists. Then he grew old in the halls of power and lived to endorse a man who said he didn’t want his kids “growing up in a jungle, a racial jungle.” That is insane to me.

Wait I'm confused, is "the left" a meaningless and negligible group of radicals whose vote doesn't impact things or is it instead a powerful and well-organized machine whose absence can swing an election?

Jeff Bezos makes $2,500 per second. In the time it might take you to read this sentence, he will have accumulated another $7,500. Somehow he can't find the money to give his employees paid sick leave. $15,000. $17,500. $20,000. That feels wrong to me.

“Bernie failed to convince a single one of his colleagues to stop helping corporate pharaohs butcher people for money” is a damning argument indeed, but not in the way those who make it seem to believe.

For awhile I’ve thought that the breakdown between “young voters” and “old voters” doesn’t really tell the whole story. Plenty of older voters vote the same way young people do. The real divide seems to be those who watch a lot of corporate news media and those who don’t.

Nothing is more insulting than when politicians demand civility from a proletariat they are oppressing on purpose because corporations told them to. These politicians and the pundits who wash their jocks on TV are engaging in uncivil behavior by default: i.e. aiding in the corporate-capitalist ritual of killing millions of people for money. That is significantly more severe than yelling at them for it.

New Joe Biden campaign slogan is not promising:

“Our alleged rapist has better policies than your alleged rapist, we just don’t exactly know what they are, and when you ask us we scream ‘KIDS IN CAGES’ despite the fact that our alleged rapist helped build the cages.”

I’m at the point where I need to see Biden draft a sentence by hand on video and read it back to us verbatim. This is a dude whose mind is deteriorating. He can’t talk even with notes in his hand. Trump the fascist will eat him alive. Democratic leaders have to see that by now.

The best way to get through to a person is to ask them questions. If someone tells you Bernie’s damaging the Dem Party, just ask them why. “Divisive.” Okay, ask them why again. Eventually they’ll have to admit that Bernie wants economic justice for everyone and centrists do not.

The U.S. political establishment allowing the Wisconsin primary to carry on in a pandemic is the sort of bipartisan homicidal madness we haven't seen in days.


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