Not the sort of welcome I was expecting, but at least Blocking seems to work

Yikes seems like there's a porn account spamming the local timeline?

Hello Mastodon! I haven't been here in forever, I don't even know why I'm back here

ah, yep, Tootdon's image compression isn't very good is it?

Fun fact from today's 2 hours trip to the library 

Every time I meant to say (e.g.) I keep thinking to write (i.e.) and whelp

Something about Karl Marx for my Politic & Business class 

There are stories where people look at our ruins and thought them hyper modern; something to aspire to (Cytus 2 for instance. More commonly "what will futute historians think" rhetoric"). I always thought them unrealistic although interesting takes.

Man, I was eaten alive by the notion of perpetual growth.

Ah well at least this is making me feel better about our eventual destruction of the planet. Something else will rise fron the ash. Maybe. /2

This article talk about a lot of things I take for granted since I'm studying college history, but it's really a good read if you're unfamiliar with the rise and fall of civilizations! And likes games.

One thing I didn't think about before reading it was how our civilization hasn't fallen in a long time. That's ominous. /1

You became a firefighter not to save lives, but to loot burning buildings.

I'm writing a long essay for school and I keep milestone every hundred words.

It feels good to congratulate myself, even if they're small achievements. "Grats on hitting 400 words!" It keeps me writing

I write my academic papers the same way I write my fiction: flying by the seat of my pants with only a vague idea of where any of it is going.

This is... kinda bad. Especially when I'm supposed to do the research beforehand.

Things I'm writing and has to get done before the end of the month: 

Some of the most memorable, most hard-hitting, most meaningful phrases in any language are those that are untranslatable to another language.

We don't just read words, we read meanings.

I think machine translation can eventually replace human translators, but, as human translators, they'll never be able to fully transfer meaning between two languages.

Being a translator is like being given a work of art, and then expected to break it

@ fellow translators, have you ever tried inputting the thing you're translating to Google Translate and see it create a better translation than the one you're making?

ugh, that's the most awful feeling

Did you know Australian National University has a lot of (academic) books and journals for free download?

Sometimes I envy my (visual) artists friends because getting people to see their work is easy. Hardly anybody reads my dumb stories. Most of my friends/family don't even read

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