Another great SMS game is GREAT GOLF, which is sort of proof positive that attention to detail can make up for presentation. Very basically presented golf game but somehow it feels like a very realistic simulation. Some issues with course design because it always faces you to the pin and it's relatively easy in many situations to OUT OF BOUNDS but... IDC! Very fun golf game :)

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@PsySal yesss Great Golf is very good
I've always been of the opinion that Gangster Town is one of the best things you can do with a light gun


@SpindleyQ I forgot sega has a light gun! Also since writing that I learned that Wonder Boy In Monster Land is not Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap. The later is presumably much better. (I like monster land but it's clearly an arcade game and not feasable to beat on one quarter, so to speak)


@PsySal The SMS light gun is super cool - it can get a reasonably precise X,Y position with a single full-white frame. Gangster town takes full advantage of this by making _everything_ respond to you. Shoot hats off guys! Find stuff hidden in walls! Shoot a mouse running along a wall, have it turn into an ghost, then shoot the ghost!


@PsySal also you are far from the first person to be confused by the million weirdly overlapping Wonder Boy games


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