Here is a lovely melody by Joe Hisaishi called Summertime:

There is still some time in summertime, get out and enjoy it in whatever way that means to you :)

@juv3nal I'm going to have to a) watch this film, b) learn about takeshi kitano :) Thank u for telling me!!!

@PsySal it’s a pretty atypical film for him which are usually grim yakuza tales

@PsySal apropos of nothing in oarticular, I’ll note that the kid in kikujiro has a dope backpack.

@PsySal Kitano is a pretty fascinating figure: he’s behind what ended up being known as MXC in North America and the video game Takeshi’s Challenge (often regarded as one of the most sadistically difficult games around) as well as appearing in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence with David Bowie.

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