in the last few months, my insomnia seems to have shifted from preventing me from falling asleep to waking me up after a couple hours and THEN preventing me from falling back asleep. it's like my body just takes a nap and thinks it's good

friends who have experienced this kind of insomnia, what do you do to deal with it?

previously, i could rely on getting progressively more tired and sleeping from exhaustion, but maybe since i'm getting *some* sleep, that doesn't seem to work anymore

additionally, my brain seems to have picked up this really bad habit of recognizing when I'm just at the edge of falling asleep and pulling me back from it. like, STOP! that's not healthy, brain!

it's also a generally frustrating process, which of course doesn't help


@is Ack :( I don't think I have advice that will help, but for "can't fall asleep" insomnia someone once said to focus on how comfortable your bed is. I don't know what to do if your brain wakes you up after falling asleep though.

Running sounds like not a terrible idea.

PS Hello! Dang it would be fun to hang out again sometime...

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@PsySal Heh, when my falling-asleep insomnia occurs, it's usually involves hyper-focusing on a really minuscule detail in my environment, or half thought. Menial thought tasks have a tendency to wake me up more, paradoxically.

I'm thinking, yeah, just gotta start exercising again.

@PsySal Hello! Yeah, it would! If you ever pass through Seattle let me know!!

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