This was an installation at the Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal this summer. And of course I love how much they resemble a rendering! Just going thru pictures from a summer trip...

Xenoblade Chronicles is quite a wondrous and strange game. The effect is cumulative, I think, at first it just seems kinda overwrought or something but by the end you feel a bit like... what... just happened.

Anyhow there are these giant frogs, called Brogs, many different types. There's a forest called Makna Forest. I thought it would be neat to draw an imaginary Brog-shaped fountain statue in Makna Forest so I did!

Random screenshot, it was/is really hard to get the effect working where the terrain pulls awaywhere the road is. Right now I'm working on hold-up mechanics, basiclly you use handguns and can hold-up npcs.


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