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@jennamagius Agreed! :) It's nice to know someone else thinks this way, too

@jennamagius FWIW I think game developers get a teeeeensy bit defensive about this, for instance if someone wants to know how long your game is... that's fine and very reasonable question. Somehow this all breaks down when you add a rating system to this, because ultimately it's so reductionist. Very few things can be reduced to a number (but maybe Duration, Complexity, Non-bugginess are some of them :)

@jennamagius I think @ increpare once kind of hit the nail on the head with, "fun is a word designed to exclude and ostracise" (erm, he put it better than that) And I agree like: if a game crashes a lot that doesn't mean it's one star, or that I won't like it, etc. etc. but! it's useful information.

@jennamagius Yeah! I know I sure love a lot of games that would are reviewed poorly, and am not alone in this.

@jennamagius Agree, it's definitely good to have an idea about something; I like textual reviews for that. There are so many subtleties to a game, and actually when someone writes enthusiastically and specifically about why they love something it's a joy to me, even if I don't understand or it wouldn't appeal in the same way. Or, conversely, if they say specifically things that turned them off (which can be quite varied and valid in so many ways.)

These have been some programming thoughts. I really enjoy computer programming, it's a delight!!!

So I am using overall a little bit older computers for my things, and let me say: there is a certain peace of mind in using a computer that doesn't change how it works in some small way every 6 hours!

I think programs should not have a wrapping limit, each line should be a logical thing and if it long for a good reason, it get to be long...

"But I like to diff it side by side"

Yeah but that's a tool issue!

"But github something something"

Git is not my boss why's it yours?

That said I would like a programming editor that could wrap comments, and comments ONLY. This is the only part of a computer program that feels like it should actually text-wrap, to me.

@jennamagius criticism!

wait... damnit :/

ANyways 1000% with you on this. I even hate that has a star rating system, it's like a tiny bit of evil managed to work it's way in, even there... booo :(*

So much anime I remember hearing about when I was a teen and it was just not. available. Except as piraty, which I could not do, because (urf) my hdd was never big enough for very many episodes!

Bubblegum Crisis looks cooooool as all. get. out. How is it I already know it won't be available except as a $237 box set on Amazon............ :///

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As of right this very moment I'm available for hire and looking for work! C++, Rust, Scala, Python. Tools and services dev. Would appreciate any boosts as well. :D

@photex I'm holding out (slim) hope for a 3D switch revision, sometime down the line.

At my coworking space, love having a little spot to go to and focus :) Er...

@photex 3DS! The 3D in it is really fantastic, I know I'm in the minority but I love the 3D effect in 3DS games. I decided against pokemon for that reason and also against DQ8 :(

@nicknicknicknick end of year wrap ups are always weirdly depressing to me too, even if it's just "this is my favorite 10 movies of 2017". I think because it's so reductionist.

I'm enjoying Yo-Kai Watch (the first one) incredibly so much. For me this is a perfect game.


On my list to play:
- Tokyo Xanadu
- Odin Sphere
- Muramasa: Rebirth

Other games not exclusive that I think are very nice on vita:
- Spelunky
- Terraria (plays really well, actually, the control mapping is quite powerful and smart IMHO)

And maybe most of all, just a TON of PSX and PSP games. Note that there are MORE games than will show up in the store listing, bizarrely some only show up if you search for them, e.g., Legend of Mana. I'd recommend Klonoa at any rate though :)

@timmcconnell Oi! Depends on what you like, but a few that come to mind:

- Persona 4 Golden
- Ys: Memories of Celceta
- Tearaway
- Gravity Rush
- Trails of Cold Steel I & II (JRPG, it's very long, a bit different than normally JRPGs, really cheezy in some ways but very special IMO)
- Soul Sacrifice (monhun type of game... sorta... but super dark and interesting thematically, I liked it a lot)
- TxK (arcade type game)
- Dragon's Crown (the art in this is amazing)
- Lumines Electronic Symphony