Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is way better than you might expect.

About to hit a nice milestone with paradise never, which is (sort of) a vertical slice. Since rebooting the design to be more straightforward things have gone much better, though slowly...

I might blog about this.

@kcsaff okay great news I am alive and on mastodon. if you want can you call michelle's phone?

@kcsaff Sorry, dropped the ball on this. How about tonite, say around 8pm MST? Or is that too late for your TZ (or are we actually in the same TZ now?)

@kcsaff Hey!! Thank you, I got your text :) We definitely gotta chat. Now that I'm a dad I have so many questions like, Where Can I Buy A Telescope, and Is Anime Harmful To My Child

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Orion's Belt is totally an overrated asterism. It's a complete waist of space.

This was an installation at the Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal this summer. And of course I love how much they resemble a rendering! Just going thru pictures from a summer trip...

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@bowlercaptain Fixed-- I couldn't figure out a way to make i permanent so I set it up for a year... but... it's permanent. :)

@bowlercaptain Ah! Thank you-- I will fix this. The bundle discount should be permanent IIRC.

WILLOW for NES is fairly decent, expect to grind killing skulls a lot but the game shows a lot of attention to balance and rewards a thoughtful approach.

@timmcconnell Aww hehe :) I have to say I have quite the collection of crap I never use touch or look at-- despite my high minded rules haha

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