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@gangles Thanks so much for this, really enjoyed reading and was not familiar with stock-and-flow diagrams at all. What a useful tool!

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Wrote a new post about applying the book "Thinking in Systems" to game design:

@SpindleyQ Bwaaaa such a small thing but I actually do remember that. D'oh! I really should have/should still contribute more to open source stuff I use. God I'm so reliant on it but I give almost nothing back!!! Thanks for reminding me though, good memories :)

@timmcconnell Ah so glad you enjoyed it! It's so magical and tactile :) And I can't think of a better looking game.

@SpindleyQ Ah wow! Yes probably :) I don't remember what I contributed but I did a lot of stuff with Allegro.

Does it say what I contributed?

@theoutrider Also the GBC one is (I think) the third in the series, after both SNES ones. So maybe more refined? IDK! It's just pretty is the main thing, but also the systems (just starting to get into it) are really pretty fun and it feels balanced/interesting battle-wise.

@theoutrider It's delightful, IMHO worth it for the pixel art and music. I can't believe it's gameboy color, it's so pretty! Dungeons are randomly generated and a bit dull so far, that's the only negative really as long as one goes in for silly JRPGs :)

Beat Faxanadu, game is stronger at the start since enemy patterns/placement start to get "cheap" later in the game, detracts from the enjoyment.

Best parts:
- music, by Jun Chikuma of Bomberman fame, she has a soundcloud in 2018 with amazing music!!!
- atmosphere
- story, which is basically about dwafs mutating and going insane due to worshipping a meteorite
- monster designs, which are darksoulsy nightmare fuel

- level design is delightfully confusing

- monster placement, patterns

Playing it on my 3DS, I favour handheld games bc the screen real estate was used in about the way it needs to be in order to be enjoyable when played in that format. I.e., I think Zelda: LTTP on 3DS would feel a bit cramped. But Zelda: Link's Awakening DX is perfect.

PSA the Lufia game that was for GBC and now on virtual console is /very/ good. I had never heard of this game but one hour in and it's plainly a masterpiece.

Also finished reading The City & The City by China Mieville, what a great book!

Faxanadu when you die it just says:

"Don't have negative thoughts. Remember your mantra."

There is some really evocative text in this game:

"As long as there are still crazed dwarfs, the threat of the meteor will loom over us"

@kcsaff we have a nintendo. that's not all but... we have one!

It reminds me that you can make stuff and it can be less than perfect and it can still be awesome and special :)

Another thing is how storytelling can create an entire alternate universe, this is the purest human magic.

Finished watching Record of Grancrest War. One thing I kind of love about anime is that sometimes roughness in production shows through, and it reminds you of the humans working hard to realize their vision. This was a really ambitious show, a bit rough in places (on many levels) and a bit cheezy (in an enthusiastic way) and so enjoyable.

@kcsaff Ahh! This is so lovely :) PS can't wait for you to visit.

CRT + NES adventures: Have been playing SMB2, it's really good. I can't quite believe how good and immediate the control is, curious if the 3DS emulated versions feel that good. I feel like Spelunky on VITA had zero input lag; maybe that's the last game I played without input lag?

I have to say the NES + CRT setup I have organized here for myself is, if anything, much better than I expected. Just playing SMB2 and things are so immediate, I know this as a fact in my brain but it is really incredible, I can detect no lag at all from when I press jump to when the mario is jumping.