Just because the BJP bowled underarm in Goa, isn't suddenly a license for other parties to play by those rules. Case in point -- the Maharashtra elections. Personally, I'm happy to see BJP receive a taste of their own medicine, and how. But on a larger scale, aren't these parties slowly legitimizing the ignoring of the mandate? Doesn't the vote of the people count? If the BJP applies similar tactics in the next election, what then?

@Psyborg Coalition governments are a legitimate and acceptable method of forming governments in a democracy. What is worst condemning is buying MLA support with money or inducements to make them defect. That's where BJP is a past master. So I have no problems with 3 parties coming together to show the BJP the resilience of democracy over bribery.

@Shantanub Me neither. I also know that coalition governments are legitimate methods. And I agree with your arguments to a large extent. But it speaks volumes for a party like the Sena, a saffronized party itself, that can break long standing alliances for the sake of political gain. I'm pretty sure this drama is not being played out to please the people. What message are they sending out? I'm talking about a larger, longer term effect here. Not really the current happenings per se.

@Psyborg The fact is that in the last few years, every political party, and every institution has been systematically subverted by Shah and Co under the guise of "Chanakya neeti". And we have looked helplessly on. They have been ahead of the curve, outmaneuvering everyone else, toying with democratic principles with impunity.

At some point, people have to realize that this "we go high when they go low" is going to cut all our, er, legs off. Sometimes you have to fight low against low people.

@Shantanub And I'm sure this is the argument the RW supporters must've put forward to break the Congress hold. "Let us also go low"

Again, not to misrepresent my stance here, there is a sense of schadenfreud at watching the BJP flounder helplessly. But the problem with setting precedents are that they can be used as justifications for future acts.

@Psyborg Unless the Congress, NCP, or SS are paying money to try and break the BJP up, I see no issue. Invoking rigid moral principles in politics is a mug's game. And mugs inevitably get crushed.


@Shantanub Mugs have already been crushed. Because rigid moral principles were ignored and made invalid :) Remember that. Fascism has taken root in our societal make up *because* we gave up on rigid moral principles.

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