Just because the BJP bowled underarm in Goa, isn't suddenly a license for other parties to play by those rules. Case in point -- the Maharashtra elections. Personally, I'm happy to see BJP receive a taste of their own medicine, and how. But on a larger scale, aren't these parties slowly legitimizing the ignoring of the mandate? Doesn't the vote of the people count? If the BJP applies similar tactics in the next election, what then?

@Psyborg but still if it would keep a fascist regime at bay what's wrong in joining a govt with a common minimum program which completely denies any fascist agenda and same time good for citizens

@st_in Nothing wrong. Except to call the Sena a non fascist organization would be a mistake. Also, the same fascist parties would cite this as a precedent the next time around. This is more fodder for them. Politics is a long term game. That being said, I hope this is the beginning of the end of the BJP

@Psyborg i agree SS is a fascist part but if they are ready to drop their fascist policies to form govt will it be good for people as they may get good governance and congress may able to attract more supporters as part of a good govt


@st_in If you're a fascist organization, you don't suddenly "drop" them :) The coalition will maybe help temper the tendencies. SS will never drop them. Their mouthpiece, during the 1992 riots, had more fascist literature than Modi can ever spew.

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@Psyborg but cant compare 1992 bal thackeray era and 2019 uddhav thackeray era still congress if supports a ncp-ss should be extremely cautious which not a practice of congress

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