Fanatic thread on Twitter by @creatrixtiara about #KonMari, the current storm on birdsite, and xenophobia.

Definitely worth a read.


LB it was super interesting to read.

like, lots of people say #konmari is for richer people only, because poor people can't afford to buy again and again, what they've been excessively getting rid of.

I can't agree. (but I know only the netflix show, not her books.)

from that and my own experiences: you can definitely pull a konmari if you're poor.

I think in the show, it's hard to represent poor people respectfully, because of stigma.

but you can konmari if youre poor.



@distel I actually think when you're poor, you have a tendency to hold on to stuff because you're afraid you won't be able to replace it, or because it might be useful. My family is poor, and my dad likes to hang on to things. There's a lot of clutter, some of which could definitely go.


@PublicChaffinch yes, that's in a nutshell the tenor of the "you can't #konmari when you're poor" posts: we might need that, we're poor!

BUT if it leads to having a cluttered, uncomfortable small space in addition to all the other problems of living poor, then konmari could really help.

my mom comes from a poor family too, but my parents are doing well financially, so she battles the nemesis of the ex-poor person: shopping sprees AND not being able to let stuff go.


@distel that's it absolutely, the "all these things are a bargain, so I should get them now in case I can't again" need. And yeah, I think the clutter felt overwhelming at times when I was young. Even in my own place, I have to really fight the urge to hold on to all sorts of stuff, because it's nice to have the space. All that stuff in small rooms just exacerbates the cramped living spaces.


@PublicChaffinch I found the "Kleinanzeigen" (equivalent to craigslist) for my city very helpful.
I live in a 3 million people city, there will always be lots of possibilities to get things used for little money or even for free.

that makes me relax immensely when I see bargains or feel I have to hold on to something I very likely won't need in the next few years.


@distel that's a really good way of thinking about it!

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