Ok folks... if someone is posting something they've made, a selfie or something else they might be proud of, they don't need your negative, weird comments. If you've got nothing to say but something unpleasant, then fuck off

Not interested in your "public stuff is entitled to criticism" bad takes either, so as above, fuck off

@PublicChaffinch i will never understand this impulse, unless someone is asking specifically for criticism there is no need to give any.

@laser exactly. It's just so rude and like obviously about trying to cut someone down

I'm new to making "memes" so any _constructive_ criticism is very welcome. But for younger people who have grown up with social media I expect they'd prefer uncritical praise and boosts.

@floppyplopper I don't think it's about younger people specifically. I think it's partly about judging whether it's right to make a joke. If someone doesn't know you, it can come across pretty unpleasantly. Also, when it comes to criticism I think it's best to wait if people have asked?

This is very good advice. I'm going to ask for constructive criticism more often when I toot on here. I'm new to this but really enjoy this creative outlet. And I know there are a lot of very talented people on here.

@floppyplopper @PublicChaffinch yeah honestly this comment comes off as really rude. I don't want people giving me "uncritical praise and boosts" because I'm immature, I just want people to say nice things to me because it's good when people are nice, and it's shitty when people are mean.

@Pixley @floppyplopper especially for a selfie, what good would a negative comment or criticism do? That's someone's appearance, it's always gonna feel personal

@PublicChaffinch - exactly! To quote Thumper, in the animated Disney film, Bambi, 'If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all.'

@animeirl @mathias @PublicChaffinch It's so weird that when i see an user with an anime profile, i assume they're the most toxic.

But it's true.

@PublicChaffinch Well that's how Twitter works, for some people it can be hard to give up that idiotic impulse.

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