yeah peemo knows what im talking about. im a big peemo fan, always have been, day one fan

damn everybody boosting this im a fan of... yall know who you are

sel, we all know whats up with sel, the star, icon, number one only

people dont want me to say it, but im gonna come out and say it anyway. wandrew underrated

adam i see you interacting with these posts. your an og and a classic, a must have of the posts

how could i forget about rico, the icon and mainstay of the platform, a guiding light through the maze of posts, and badass

will of course, the wise guardian keeping watch over the tl... lending advise to passers by... i respect him more than anything

jer is a dirty boy and maniac, posting maverick... complete windscreen wiper of a man, a must-follow

chaffers, has earned my respect through her posting acumen and general prowess


@garfiald gotta keep it covered until healyn turns up with his dick out

@PublicChaffinch @garfiald Healyn please do not "turn up" with your "dick out"

@nuttgodd @PublicChaffinch @garfiald Nutt, why are you trying to deny some of us what we have rightfully earned?!? Foh with your negativity

@ItsJenNotGabby @PublicChaffinch @garfiald I can't possibly imagine what healyns dick looks like. I don't even think he has genitals

@ItsJenNotGabby @PublicChaffinch @garfiald I mean obviously I would open that shit faster than you can say "lewd" I just wouldn't be happy about it

@nuttgodd @PublicChaffinch @garfiald Im sorry you can't partake in the joy that #healyndickhard brings to the rest of us, queen

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