Apparently an American who doesn't know Scottish is responsible for writing a significant part of Scottish Wikipedia, with hilarious results

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@PublicChaffinch . masto certified h. w. @PublicChaffinch
Apparently an American who doesn't know Scottish is writing a significant part of Scottish Wikipedia,
almost every single article on the Scots version of Wikipedia is written by an American teenager who can’t speak Scots
- they had written 20,000 articles. That is over a third of all the content on the Scots Wikipedia. If they had done this properly it would’ve been an incredible achievement.

@Dassinger it's a real shame. They're obviously really dedicated, but have got it so very wrong

@PublicChaffinch There are apparently several talks on various Wikipedia pages about the fate of Scottish Wikipedia.
And a bunch of people seem to have trouble grasping that it's not written in Scots and that the pages are just copies of outdated versions of the English pages.

@Asimech yeah, it's a bit terrible really. I hope they find a way to fix them

@PublicChaffinch "...this person has possibly done more damage to the Scots language than anyone else in history" ouch

@PublicChaffinch That's a terrible thing to do to small/endangered languages, not hilarious :[

@codepuppy if you look at replies I've made to comments here, you can see I've acknowledged that it's also bad. I still found the whole thing so astonishingly absurd, it was also hilarious to me

@PublicChaffinch oh I cannot see any comments here (other than these now-two) for some reason, my bad!

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