can we please wildly speculate on the type of porn an MP was watching in the UK

it was literally in the house of commons, not in his home, so other people saw him at it

@PublicChaffinch 'Asked if it was a mistake, he said: "I will await the findings of the inquiry."' He sounds unhinged.

@PublicChaffinch it's pretty easy to not open porn by mistake actually so maybe he's just totally incompetent


@dumpsterqueer just hilarious excuses from now until the "investigation" from our farce of a country

@PublicChaffinch yeah, love that boris legitimized that spicy new way of 'answering' questions

Did you do *thing*?

I will wait for the results of the investigation


@PublicChaffinch it's basically saying 'I'll answer once it's been decided if I've got away with it or not' and I hate it

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