can we please wildly speculate on the type of porn an MP was watching in the UK

it was literally in the house of commons, not in his home, so other people saw him at it

@PublicChaffinch Altogether now, 🎶“‘E’s got a brand new combine harvester, and ‘e’ll show you the key…”🎶

@PublicChaffinch last night(?) I was like “why is everyone talking about tractors???” And then…

@PublicChaffinch Using Bing to find tractors and deciding that "Dominator ploughing hard" is a great video to open in commons.

@Firesnakious @PublicChaffinch
Then sitting there watching it for 45 minutes, wondering when the tractor is going to turn up.
Completely understandable really.
Should have asked the ladies around and beside him if they've seen this video before and if they know when the Dominator appears.

@PublicChaffinch in related news, sextractor is a real thing (software for analysing astronomy imaging data)

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