ew, I tried to click on tweetdeck thinking it was tweetdeck but actually it was this

follow me @edgyhornyqueer on twitter bye bitches

I'm dropping subtle hints that I'd enjoy being in a relationship with Eye Yah

"All my girlfriends and Aya" is a phrase I wish I no longer had to say,

All of my girlfriends and Aya have a cuteness level of Infinitely Uncountable

This site sucks nobody appreciates my very good posts

Callout post for you, accounting for all the factors.
- whack
- twisted
- girl's a hoe
- broke
- kid ain't yours, errybody know
- your old man say you're stupid
- you be like, so
- you love your babymama
- you never let her go

Let me eat you so I can attain my perfect form.

You think I was born with dick-sucking lips?

I spent 4,000 hours working in the tweets factory and now Trump's closing the whole industry this fucking sucks

anna boosted

@Publius oh that's my favorite ex-Breitbart writer

Mastodon still doesn't have Korean as a language ㅇㅅㅇ

sensitive content 

hey while I'm here I can tell all of you to listen to The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

in fact don't you dare interact with me if you haven't listened to it

What is your teen name? My teen name is Mello-Yello Pepsi.

How do I get verified on here
verify me as the one and only Good User

You're gonna get some shitposts until tweetdeck starts working.

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