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hey yall im back on mastodon but movin off .social

catch me at @TallTallAlex

hey yall im back on mastodon but movin off .social

catch me at @TallTallAlex

I'm about $400 away from goal with a few hours left in the day.

I'd like to be in a good enough spot to host my own little instance maybe. I'll see how my week goes.

I hope y'all are doing okay today. I haven't been able to check in with others.

doctor: your potassium levels are too high from the spiro
me: okay lets cut my balls off

✨💖my surgical consultation is next week💖✨

hidden agenda: already take another diuretic, i love coffee, and i just bought a bunch of panties that look great and *would* fit perfectly

Important faces
~_~ tired
o_o kind of quiet/waiting
O_O uhhh what
>_> yeah uhhnmmm
e_e eye roll

a reminder: supports my whole family. we dont exactly live paycheck to paycheck anymore, but what i do for a living drains my soul (see: being a woman in tech)

if yall have the means to comfortably help me transition to doing and media as a full time job please sign up, and if you dont, tell your friends about what we do.

upcoming projects include covering H-game soundtracks and writing an original fighting game OST


Are you a Bay Area LGBTQ/Furry artist who wants space to show, sell, talk, dance, and play?

Look no further!

This May 13th join us at the Billy DeFrank LGBTQ center for 7, in collaboration with San Jose FurCon!


It's time to awoo,
it's time to awoo,
it's time to awoo in the mooooorning!

I really hate this thing where "not knowing stuff" is kind of the worst thing that someone can admit in tech-world. This is why so many people struggle to learn things, are afraid to ask questions,...

All these "everyone knows this!"-guys and their not very funny "jokes" are just so not useful or helpful. Especially in spaces that are MEANT for learning things!

Good night, again, thank you for an amazing day!
First day as PM, I've learnt a lot about me and about you guys. And it's been great.

If anyone want to help me push over the $100 a month on patreon, that'd be very appreciated too!

If you like what I do, pass it on. Or give me a high five next time you see me.

kinda how im feelin today i guess

feelin nostalgic for some hillbilly culture rn, but queer and southern usually don't mix, so im jus pluckin at a banjo and feelin sad

are there writing prompts, but for ? i need a *small* idea i can finish by myself.

If you like the work I put into Mastodon, especially now in the role as PM, feel free to throw some dollars at me via Patreon.

One of my goals is to highlight a lot of our contributors patreons or links, or at least to help facilitate this somehow. If anyone wanna start a roundup, I'd be much obliged!

i want to be able to change parts and modify the loadout more than superficially, but i also want to paint a big crow on it and have spikes.
i want to run missions where one-size-fits-all doesn't work and you have to think about your loadout for a mission and replay it a bunch.
i want online multiplayer, but not just competitive. team arena, ctf, all-terrain races, story mode co-op.
if this game doesn't exist and no one is making it, then who wants to help me make this dream happen?

i would really like a game where the mechs are not purely for aesthetic purposes or wholly incidental to the gameplay.
i want to pilot a big lumbering piece of shit in a cockpit view with multiple body-mounted cameras.
i want to worry about chassis weight.
i want to worry about overheating and how heavy my ammo is and how quickly my computer can calculate things like balance and enemy position.

Great #hackerspace discourse from #socialfork, a new intersectional feminist hackerspace forming in Leipzig.

"Hackerspaces are shaped by economic interests and a white, masculinity-centered middle-class scene, whose idea of political work often does not go beyond demanding rights for their own privileged group. It is hardly surprising that their projects, even if they consider themselves a part of the political left, tend to marginalize those who aren't white, cis-male and conforming to scene standards."

i got serious buzz going on in my DI mixes, it's both bad grounding and emi. any or folk have any advice for me?
(istg why do i put myself thru this for active pickups)