@Puppetics2018 yes, that one worked, and I watched it!

A professor on Tik-Tok that specializes in what I will paraphrase as "race relations" said that the racism among the Democratic party is very Insidious where is the racism of Republicans is more blatant. and The tick tock and question goes into a particular incident where and if fluent well-known Democrat was using black people for some sort of experiment or something. I forgot the details. But it was something wild.

@Puppetics2018 if you're interested in seeing it for yourself, the ticktocker is consciouslee.

I'm not saying blackface isn't important. But I feel like the comparison is unfair since politicians can make laws, unlike comedians. And obviously racism is a cultural issue and not a political party issue.

I get that the video is supposed to be satirical, but it's definitely not my style. when I watch stuff about subjects racism I want to be legitimately educated. But, do you. :blobcatcoffee:

You must lead a miserable life. I'm sorry I tried so hard to get that video to you. I just wanted to know if it actually played or not. Apparently it did. Anyway, try to enjoy yourself a little more in life. It's okay to want to be legitimately educated, but when shit is a joke, just roll with it. Don't drive yourself crazy. Bye, then. @fukurouyoujo

@Puppetics2018 if you can't take criticism then don't post it to the public. :blobcatcoffee:

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