Purism’s Security and Privacy Focused Librem 5 Smartphone Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development. We're on schedule.

@Purism Firefox's "containers" for Facebook and other sites would be good to add to the Librem 5 so apps could be containerized so one app couldn't get access to another apps data

@mooshoe @strypey @Purism well that sucks. it's a mediocre phone at best. they'll need something to differentiate themselves from the 1000s of other phones on the market.

@gme @strypey @Purism i mean havent they already done that by making a gnu linux phone

@mooshoe @gme @Purism #Canonical did that with #UbuntuTouch, but it didn't seem to be enough. That said, my suspicion is that was because Shuttleworth and co. had long since burned off their goodwill with the #SoftwareFreedom folks who were most likely to buy a #GNU #Linux mobile.

@mooshoe @gme @Purism #Purism also have their detractors among the software purists (ironically), so it will be intriguing to see whether their mobile devices sell any better. If they're sensible, they set their break-even at a much lower volume of sales than I suspect #UbuntuTouch was relying on to be considered a "success"

@mooshoe @strypey @Purism I don't see that as a strength actually. If I can't find the apps I want to use on my phone then it's useless to me. Going with Gnome Web as opposed to say Android is going to prove to be a fatal mistake. Firefox was betting on the browser app ecosystem - and they were right - but even that wasn't enough. So unless they hit the ground running with the apps users want nobody is going to buy this and it will have all been for nothing. Even the FreedomPhone runs Android.

@gme @strypey @Purism i disagree, this phone is basically a real computer with a mobile shell and that's enough functionality for a lot of foss people. I mean, if you like your WhatsApp and Snapchat you can stick with your iphone but for the others...

@strypey @Purism

That's the beauty. The market will decide. I need my Signal and ProtonMail apps. And 1Password password manager so if those apps aren't available for me it's a non starter.

@gme @mooshoe @Purism #GoingOffOnATangent here ... markets don't make decisions, they supply information about supply and demand, using the prices. Networks supply much more nuanced information than markets, much faster, and with full duplex. Markets have their place, just like couriers still have their place, but they are not the be all and end all

@mooshoe I agree with @gme here. At this point, there is lots more touch-friendly, #FreeCode software written for #Android/Linux than for #GNU/Linux. If @Purism don't have an Android sandbox for the #Librem5, it will be a lot less useful, even to folks who only intend to run free code apps on it.

@gme @mooshoe @strypey @Purism

> Going with Gnome Web as opposed to say Android

I think you're getting a few things confused. GNOME Web is simply the web browser they use, not the OS. Firefox will likely run on the phone, though without guarantees about the quality of the experience.

The OS is GNU/Linux, based on PureOS, which is based on Debian. They will be using a GNOME-like shell for the DE.

@gme @mooshoe @strypey @Purism The advantage of this is that a good portion of the GNU/Linux ecosystem will work out of the box, with app developers just having to adapt their applications to be able to use both desktop and mobile form factors.

@brainblasted @mooshoe @strypey @Purism I already have a laptop. I don't need another laptop in my pants pocket. What I need is a reliable phone with good battery life and that runs the apps I want or need. The fact my Pixel 2 XL happens to be a mini computer as well is secondary to the fact that it's a phone first.

@gme @mooshoe @strypey @Purism what does a reliable phone entail, then? This phone will be able to make calls and send messages, as well as receive both. But what else? Why does it need to be Android-based to be useful for you?

@brainblasted @mooshoe @strypey @Purism ultimately the market will decide if its successful. i hope they are. competition is good. while i may own a Librem 13 laptop, I did not support the Librem 5 kickstarter.

@Purism I know it's just a mockup but it looks *so darn sexy*.

@DaD @Purism

Hello Purism ! I think I'll get one, as I've been searching a real replacement for my Maemo-powered Nokia N900 for years…

Will the phone have an alternative #bépo or #dvorak keyboard ?

Thanks !

@petitevieille @DaD The plan is to have every on screen keyboard that is available within Gnome.



Ok thanks ! I hope Gnome's OSK already has bépo and Dvorak layouts.

@Purism Did I mention that I love you. Because I love you ;)

@Purism just when my old chinese phone is dying. Should I take this as a sign? :)

@Purism is this going to be the real?... Let's wait and see!

@Purism Ate they actual switches or "politely please turn off" buttons? Hard to tell in the photo. We want hard on/off position switches. Also, won't Apple try to sue over power placement or is everyone doing that now?

@Purism The most important question: Is the headphone jack at the bottom and the USB jack at the top?

@Wolf480pl Because you can have headphones attached while the phone is in your pocket and you can use it easier when it's charging on your desk (though that part isn't as important as the headphone jack)

@minus but you can't put a phone without a case/cover into your pocket anyway - its screen will get scratched by the keys, or the rivets of your jeans.

@Wolf480pl You're doing it wrong then; never used a cover and I've never had any scratches in my phones. I do keep my keys in the other pocket though

@wolf480pl @minus my only phone that needed a screen protector was an HTC Desire I dropped and had a cracked screen; it kept working just fine, but it was shaving bits of skin so I had to put some plastic on top of it

never used cases for phones apart from that, and the phone I've had for the last 3 (?) years (a BQ Aquaris E4.5) has zero scratches; the plastic around the screen has plenty of dings, a shard of plastic is missing, but the screen looks pristine; glass technology has come a long way in the last decade or so
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