Purism’s Security and Privacy Focused Librem 5 Smartphone Makes Major Strides in Manufacturing and Development. We're on schedule.

@Purism Firefox's "containers" for Facebook and other sites would be good to add to the Librem 5 so apps could be containerized so one app couldn't get access to another apps data

@Purism I know it's just a mockup but it looks *so darn sexy*.

@DaD @Purism

Hello Purism ! I think I'll get one, as I've been searching a real replacement for my Maemo-powered Nokia N900 for years…

Will the phone have an alternative #bépo or #dvorak keyboard ?

Thanks !

@petitevieille @DaD The plan is to have every on screen keyboard that is available within Gnome.



Ok thanks ! I hope Gnome's OSK already has bépo and Dvorak layouts.

@Purism Did I mention that I love you. Because I love you ;)

@Purism Ate they actual switches or "politely please turn off" buttons? Hard to tell in the photo. We want hard on/off position switches. Also, won't Apple try to sue over power placement or is everyone doing that now?

@Purism The most important question: Is the headphone jack at the bottom and the USB jack at the top?

@Wolf480pl Because you can have headphones attached while the phone is in your pocket and you can use it easier when it's charging on your desk (though that part isn't as important as the headphone jack)

@minus but you can't put a phone without a case/cover into your pocket anyway - its screen will get scratched by the keys, or the rivets of your jeans.

@Wolf480pl You're doing it wrong then; never used a cover and I've never had any scratches in my phones. I do keep my keys in the other pocket though

@wolf480pl @minus my only phone that needed a screen protector was an HTC Desire I dropped and had a cracked screen; it kept working just fine, but it was shaving bits of skin so I had to put some plastic on top of it

never used cases for phones apart from that, and the phone I've had for the last 3 (?) years (a BQ Aquaris E4.5) has zero scratches; the plastic around the screen has plenty of dings, a shard of plastic is missing, but the screen looks pristine; glass technology has come a long way in the last decade or so
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