@Purism software guys breathe a little easier with the 4 month extra time

@purism do you have any phone prototypes yet? because if dev boards are only shipping now there is no chance in hell for phones to be delivered in January 2019, you're at least a year off :P

I'm worried entropy will get my bq aquaris before you're finished :)

(also, please convince your German reseller to send laptops outside Germany, they invoke some bullshit about having to register them in all EU countries - because all ebay sellers definitely do this, y'know)





@Purism wants the Librem 5 to be an actual platform. There is no plan to make Android applications work on the Librem 5, but there is no intention to prevent it either.

But the goal really is to get native apps or in-browser apps. GNOME Web will allow you to pin a web-application as an actual application for what is not (yet) native.


@thibaultamartin @Purism yes, I understand that. On my SailfishOS-based phone I use almost entirely native apps. I only use Android for one or two things (Signal is one), but these are important enough for me that without this compatibility layer the phone would be useless to me.

@Purism will not be able to support Signal on their phone, mostly because m0xie is hostile to third-party clients.

A community-made client is very likely to emerge shortly after the phone launch. There is a lot of overlap between the Librem 5 user base and the Signal's one.

Signal-cli (github.com/AsamK/signal-cli) looks like a very promising foundation for such a client.


@thibaultamartin @Purism yes indeed. There are a lot of things I am annoyed with related to Signal. But it is currently the only sane mainstream secure IM option.

I'd love everyone to move to Briar, but then Briar is also an Android app. Ugh.

@rysiek Matrix will benefit a lot from Fractal's split.

There needs to be a similar split/fork of Riot for Matrix to gain popularity

@rysiek I too am tied to Signal (friends and family are not ready for Matrix, they enjoy the simple UX of Signal).

Also, see @sir's post: "I don't trust Signal"



@thibaultamartin @sir@cmpwn.com @Purism yeah, seen it when it got published, vehementy agree with all points.

@strypey @thibaultamartin @Purism @rysiek I think of the Librem 5 as an extension/mini version of my computer in my pocket. Therefore I'd only expect Android support to be present if there was a good story for it on desktop Linux. There isn't so I wouldn't expect much, at least initially.

I am sure someone would attempt to develop a compatibility layer for it ASAP, because it pretty much suggests itself. I wonder if Jolla could be asked to open theirs up, if they haven't already?

@strypey @thibaultamartin @Purism @rysiek That being said, I am working on getting rid of any dependencies I have to the iOS/Android platform, as the point of this device for me is to get away from these as far away as I can.

@strypey @thibaultamartin @Purism @rysiek I do have one important dependency, which is my bank, (I use one of the modern ones, that only operate via an app), so that could be a problem. But I'll sure email them if they'd let me write a quick one for the Librem.

Doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

Hi @Purism, I'm delighted you're progressing on the #LibreM5 and have chosen to follow the lead of #Tinkerphones and the GTA0x design that separates the baseband modem from the main SoC. It's indeed the only way to ensure users have a little control on what their device is doing.


I've been wondering for a while why you would go your own way and not cooperate with #Neo900 and Tinkerphones engineers on this project, since they have experience with the gory details?

@Purism Impressed that you're working on the big, hard problems like preventing the baseband "os" from doing whatever it wants to the os running in the ram, and getting the specs updated to something more modern, despite the preorders already being paid for.


I'm much happier waiting 16 weeks for something revolutionary than have another tepid "me too" product earlier.

@Purism thank you for including information about the developer device in the update.
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