Is this application based on libhandy or is it only for small screen use?

@Purism Correct me if I'm wrong, but because of the libpurple thing, will we be able to essentially use Pidgin the same way iMessage users talk on Macbooks? Good lord, that would be awesome. I still want my command-line "call [nick]" or "call 555-555-5555" and "text [nick] Hello. How are you?" option though 😅 . Will Purism have packages available for other ARM distros for calling and texting available in the default repos if we wanted to switch? Debs, RPM packages, and source code 👍.

Awesome that you use XMPP instead of [matrix] ! 🤩 😍
What about implementing @silence axolotl-protocol for encrypting sms as well?

@Purism Wow, this looks really cool! I'd use it on a desktop too :)

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