@Purism are there plans to open warehouse in EU to ship from EU for the EU customers? I really don't like the customs and uncertainty from international shipping.

@Jelv We would like to, but there are no concrete plans to do so at this time. We can revisit that another time.

@Purism Thank you for the reply. I hope you will consider it in the near future. To know the final price of the products will improve the UX for your European customers.


@Jelv So, we have an official "european site". If you want to pursue that, please mail ops@puri.sm and put your request there in regards to shipping within europe.

@Jelv I meant to say 'unofficial' not 'official'. But we are working towards something more concrete.

@Purism I got the link for the reseller from ops. For the future it would be great to order them direct from puri.sm.

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