🎁 Buy Now & Save: Librem 5 Early Bird pricing ($599 USD) ends January 31. Preorder pricing ($649 USD) begins Feb 1 and ends when general availability and shipping begins.

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@Purism What will be the price when it will be available ?

Looks neat ! But...
With my #poverty , I'll have to wait reconditioning 😐

@bikepunk I managed to buy one with the Splitit payement system where you can pay in 6 or 12 times without interest.

Last time someone tried this payement system was removed, any news @Purism ?

Interesting... Still 600€ is what I usually get in a month.
It is too much for a device that will most probably get broken/lost/stolen quite soon. πŸ€”

@Purism Is it being sold in dev kit form, or is the final phone ready? The status updates show a non-touchscreen dev kit, but all of the pictures show a completed phone. Just wondering, thanks.

@ram @Purism

The dev kits already went out in December ( ), these preorders are for the final phone.


It's too late to buy the dev kit.
You can only buy the futur complete smartphone, the one simulate on commercial pictures.


@Torrone @Purism
Yes, I was just wondering if the final phone was ready yet. I'm excited that it is nearing the final phase!


It's not ready but you can follow the progress here:

"As for the phone, we have confirmed the BOM (Bill of Materials) and the sourcing of parts, we are only finalizing the I.MX 8M or 8M Mini by benchmark testing. Once we have approved the design (also planned in January) we can create the necessary molds and stamps."


@Torrone @Purism
Very exiting stuff. I can't wait to see PureOS blossom as a viable alternative to #iOSJail and #AndroidPrivacyGarbageFire

@ram @Torrone @Purism Do they have a 14" computer? I see 13" and 15" (i know, a little petty)

when does general availability and shipping begin? 2020?

@Purism - What if I want to support purism with some extra $, should I just wait until the price increase? :p

Seriously though, I have to hold on to my money for the time being or else I'd ordered. It doesn't bother me that much giving a bit extra money to purism when the time comes :)

@Purism Two questions:
1. Do you accept bitcoin payments for pre-orders?
2. How is a preorder different from your crowd-funding - would refunds be in order if your Librem 5 can't be produced? (I ask after disappointment with the Jolla Sailfish tablet situation).

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