Read about our upcoming PureOS App Store coming to Librem 5 and Librem laptops Exciting times are ahead of us!

Would like to hear more about how this will work as it's developed.

@Purism Cool. But if the traditional use of 'apt' doesn't work from a terminal, I'll be using a different distro, assuming we the freedom of a dummy package to even use another distro. If I want to use Raspbian instead, I should still be able to make phone calls and text over gsm/cdma just as easily as on PureOS. Truth be told, I have a feeling that having your own "App Store" won't fly well with the older privacy enthusiasts (Appy app apps), even though you have to have one because it's a phone

@Purism I would also like to know more about the visual star ranking system and how you plan on keeping it fair, especially if you manage to get Android support.

Or is this App Store a Debian software center designed and branded in a way not to scare newbies? That's actually what I'm hoping more for.

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