Read about our upcoming PureOS Store coming to Librem 5 and Librem laptops

Exciting times are ahead of us!

@Purism Have you thought about allowing people to pay for FOSS through your store? It's hard if not impossible to make money off of smaller customer-facing open-source projects. It'd be great if it was easier for devs to make a living from these projects.

@elementary has a pay-what-you-want model and that seems to be working well for them — perhaps that could be an inspiration?

@mirek @elementary @Purism Yeah, gotta second this, Elementary's concept for voluntary pay-what-you-want purchases to support FOSS applications is seriously great, and I wish we saw more of it.

The only thing that Elementary's solution lacks is the means for recurring monthly donations...though, perhaps that's out of their wheelhouse.

@sean its definitely something we’ve talked about! No solid roadmap yet, but we know it would be good to have :)

@Purism the current design for the badges is not color-blind friendly. I'd go with a method that relies less on colors and is more gray-scale monochromatic.

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