Kashmir Hill: "Unfortunately, the smartphone market is currently a duopoly. It’s basically impossible to get a smartphone that is not part of the Android or Apple ecosystems."

...she continues: "Purism could have been my one-stop shop for tech-giant-free products had I waited a bit. It plans to start selling a smartphone soon, but unfortunately... it’s not slated for release until this spring."

🎁 Pre-order *your* now!

@Purism I’m a developer and am curious about the Librem5. I’d like to see that state of the software before committing to the pre-order though. I understand it’s still being developed but is there documentation on building PureOS for mobile somewhere? My searches have turned up nothing useful so far.


If you are building #gnome apps, I think you can just add 5 rows of code in order to make it work with the #librem5


@selea @Purism It's more the base OS I'm interested in at the moment. Although being about to use the apps on that base would be interesting too.

@Purism hmm, have already an unused Linux based phone. It kinda works as a basic phone, but without any support, app store or active community it feels really strange to use it. Will Librem5 do better than a few months...?

@hansup you we can tell you in a bit more than a few months; but for now it pretty much looks like

references: librem 15 and librem 13 as well as PureOS for few years now

@Purism there's also the Cosmo Communicator but that thing is less of a smartphone and more of a pocket computer that you can also use for voice calls.

And dear me it's a big one:

They already have experience with making the Gemini PDA but I still think yours (Purism's) will arrive before this one. And it'll probably fit in more hands

Well, these *are* the guys who designed the Psion, IIRC.

@polychrome @Purism and not to forget: it is blobfree ... runs pure linux only with android hal and not very good at all. the gemini and the cosmo are android devices. if we are lucky we will get a working sailfish os. but again only with android hal.

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