MakeUseOf Librem 13 giveaway ended, with over 113K entries! There's still time to get 10% off your own Librem 13 + Librem Key Bundle for Valentine's Day πŸ’•

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@Purism i don't like the fact that storage and ram are not optional and even worse the exact brand, model and full specs are not given. i think your market would appreciate the option to save some money on that stuff and/or choose the exact parts they want. it comes off a little condescending to dumb the product page down and/or try to mark up all the "mystery parts". i'm picky about everything, especially if i'm paying a fair amount of money for a laptop. Besides that, the librem 15 looks *very* nice (keep a black color option) and when i'm in the market next i'll be looking at getting one. hopefully, with more flexibility in the buying process by then.

@Purism I'm so bummed that I didn't win. But I will certainly be raising funds for one of your laptops and a phone! πŸ˜€

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