We have a new L5 hardware update. Find out what we've been up to for the past few weeks! Big news: dev kit panels are now working with latest update! See:

@Purism I've been refreshing the news page for days 😁
Great news!


Will the #Librem5 require proprietary code to enable/provide WiFi, Bluetooth or graphics acceleration?



I'm not involved with purism, so I can't make an "official" statement, but from what I read only the basband modem requires proprietary code, that's why they seperate it from the processor. This article (and many others in their news section) gives a good overview:

@Nehmetokio @Purism

I know their reports. The problem is that they do not describe the final product, whose specs seem to change all the time.

Many people would like to have a definite answer on what has been achieved and what not. There seems to be an intentional vagueness about many aspects of the phone.


Proprietary firmware but free kernel drivers:

"Based on our testing: the CPU, GPU, Bootloader and all software will run free software, we are evaluating the WiFi and Bluetooth chips and their firmware, this is an area we have to evaluate, finalize, and test. The mobile baseband will most likely use ROM loaded firmware, but a free software kernel driver. We intend to invest time and money toward freeing any non-free firmware."


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