Purism announces a new product, Pureboot, available in 2nd quarter for Laptops + Librem key users providing a unique security service and experience.

@Purism that's great. Please consider having multiple physical keys instead of (in addition to) recovery passphrase.

Thanks a lot @Purism.

Do you think we could find a way to mix a #Gnuk token with an USB storage to store /boot.

This USB storage could store the #LUKS header and avoid having any key material on the laptop which could be lost.

This way, we boot from the USB storage, it verifies the signatures of files on /boot, decrypt the laptop storage with the #Gnuk token.


#Paranoia #Privacy #Security #ChooseFreedom #LibresSoftwares #LibreSoftware

@Purism Do they literally send you three stones, so you can stack them on top of each other and feel more secure? Seems legit.

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