“WiFi and Bluetooth Kill Switch”

I’d say that it’s even more important that this blocks *others* from tracking you via WiFi or Bluetooth – AFAIK a device constantly advertises itself if WiFi is merely enabled. Or won’t the Librem 5 be doing that at all?

@Purism Is blocking GNSS and IMU access really necessary for a lockdown mode? Seems to me that for the most part you'd be losing more than you'd be getting here. I'd suspect that if you're so paranoid you can't trust PureOS apps from spying on your location, you're not really using a phone at all really...

@Purism I hope you are kidding. It would be better to make a forth #killswitch, to activate or desactivate said "Lockdown mode".

If you leave this forth switch in default position, the phone works the ways you described it, allowing software to activate or disactivate GPS only if, e.g., the hardware camera switch is enabled.

But if you switch this forth switch, you can use Offline Navigation with all other switches off.

@Purism "Those who are under even greater threats could potentially have Lockdown Mode [...] wipe the phone"

Add a toggle to allow PIN-less wiping if last data backup was made at most XX hours ago.

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