We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN.

Our Primary account is now

@Purism This is the biggest news I have heard all month! This is huge!

Though two questions,
1. Is a mastodon instance or an ActivityPub network from the ground up with a mastodon front end?

2. is Librem dial going to be VoIP, or it's own pay as you go plan similar to ting but over the internet? it's a little confusing with the brief descriptions

@Purism is Librem Files going to be a Google Drive replacement? Any info on storage amounts?

@Purism oh wow, this is using matrix and mastodon for chat and social?

@Purism p.s. i need a job, need someone good at running Mastodon servers? :witchywink2:

@anna @Purism It's pretty slick - I just used their app to connect to my and accounts, so it works even if they aren't hosting you.

@ishara found the mastodon repo and such there's some interesting changes... hey @Purism if you need someone who has extensive experience keeping a modified mastodon instance updated and running, I would love to work for a company where I actually believed in what I was doing... ;)

@Purism Just want a open phone. The last thing I need is more services from a company.

@Purism Will the email service support custom domains?

@Purism Glad to see you are building on Mastodon for social and Matrix for chat. (haven't looked at the rest yet).

@Purism Do you host a riot instance on the web? Or can you give us the domain to specify in matrix clients?

oooh this is exciting. to switch away from pia+fastmail for roughly half the price and get social/chat (which i dont really care too much for)

i like paying less, and i like Purism, but i dont like centralization? idk, v interesting either way, wish Purism all the success

@y0x3y it is oem pia. Mail is 2gb. When the finish Nextcloud/files you can upgrade the purism one plan.

@Purism the real issue I’m see as I play at the free account now, is no trial of the subscription services. Few people buy programs they’ve never seen or used.

@Purism wish these apps were available on my Ubuntu Touch phone as I wait for the Librem 5.

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