@Purism I'm pretty sure that @nextcloud have an account on mastodon too.

Also smart move.
Gnome / KDE: App eco system and user interface
Matrix: Communication stack
Nextcloud: Contacts, calendar, data sync

I don't think anything is missing now.

@Purism these partnerships refer to the respective apps being installed by default, ne? As in, we can remove them if we want?

I ask, because while I love #Nextcloud, and #Riot seems awesome, I dislike the scenario where an app is hardcoded to the OS image.

I know this isn't the same culture, but it is common enough for project endorsement, and I wanted to check if "partners" are for marketing, or an integration strategy.

Their goal is to provide not only free software but also free hardware. On that basis, nothing would prevent you from replacing pureos with your favourite distro where you can choose and fine time the applications and services you want.

But that's a great initiative as it offers less tech savvy people to get a free and privacy respectful solution which could compete with non-free software and centralised services. So well done to @Purism and @nextcloud

@alfajet could you explain that a bit more? I wasn't aware that Purism was giving away hardware.

@maiki They don't give it away, I suppose I should say open. I used free in the "libre" sense of it.
You can check it out here: puri.sm/about/business-model-a

@alfajet Okay, thanks. It doesn't answer my question, though. I know I can in theory replace the OS. My question regards how these applications are included.

@maiki I cannot help with that, I don't know. I hope they'll make it in a modular way so people could disable it.
But my point initial point is the OS and software are not tightly linked so it should indirectly also benefit more expert users who don't want a preconfigure OS.

@alfajet you say you don't know, but then you say "the OS and software are not tightly linked".

This discussion isn't helping me, it is just causing confusion, so I am gonna stop. ^_^

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