@strikersan @Purism Why Not Converted QUERTY To AERTY By Sticker And No Pay $80!

@sick @Purism
yes sure since there is a british layout (us layout can't be used for azerty and bépo because some keys are missing)

@strikersan I sent an email to ask for some kind of ergonomic, blanc keycaps keyboard, but there is not enougth request for such thing.

Maybe just the blanc keycaps are enougth?

@Purism @sick


@Purism really nice :) if you now whould have a european distributor... i would buy one :) (what about tuxedocomputers.com/ for example?)

@Purism german keyboard nice. i need the librem 11. Can i add 3g or lte modem?

@Purism Hmm interesting. TPMs are certainly useful; but there again you don't have the source for the TPMs firmware and if you're disabling ME I don't quite understand where the root of trust is.

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