@Purism please add WebDAV aware Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in the first release. Can't wait for it.

@kmj @Purism The GNOME ecosystem already handles all of that :D just a matter of the Purism team working upstream for nice compatibility with phones

@brainblasted @Purism i assume actually the problem is getting all the features on small devices, including a nice look and easy handling.

@Purism @milan Ich dachte ubuntu touch wäre von Canonical eingestellt worden 🤔

@kromonos @Purism canonical hatts aber fallen lassen, seither versucht die obports community das am leben zu halten. oderso.

@milan ahh, ok. Das erklärt, warum es noch nicht von der Bildfläche verschwunden ist

@kromonos Mir ist gerade aufgefallen das ich mich eventuell nicht eindeutig ausgedrückt habe - mit am Leben halten meinte ich auch das Weiterentwickeln. ...wobei ggf sehe ich das auch uneindeutig weil ich noch recht verschlafen bin ^.^

@Purism Hanging onto my Nexus 5 until the Librem 5 drops :)

Excited to be able to choose between KDE Plasma and Ubuntu Touch :D

@Purism Wow, thats cool, but how about giving any device with any OS?

@orangecoastcollegeprivacy @Purism, just looking at Purism for the first time myself, but in-app ad-blocking shouldn't be an issue as GNU/Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) apps generally don't do any kind of advertising whatsoever. For the interwebs, you could either install an ad-blocking add-on to your favourite browser (probably the most practical approach), or install a system-wide ad-blocker.

@Purism Say whaaaaaat?! I had to check that was not dated April 1. Gawd, the #Librem5 is really going to rock, huh?

@Purism I thout that Ubuntu touch i dead. But it seems someone took over. Thanks for the post.

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