@Purism ... And I just ordered a 13 48 hours ago :-\ I always miss the sweet deals. *snaps*

@chuck We recently asked on Twitter what people would like to see in our devices. So, I'll put that question to you. What suggestions do you have?

@Purism I'll take this as an honest solicitation and in turn offer you an IOU of a blog post about my experience from unboxing to 1 week of use.

That'll give enough context for any suggestions i may have :) Otherwise its just conjecture and speculation.

@chuck Yeah, it was honest. We want to build the best so if our customers have suggestions, we'll listen.

@Purism I'm eagerly awaiting my shipped notification and will make good on that promise.

I'll @ you when its published :)

@Purism @chuck Screen resolution is the killer for me taking the plunge. 1080p is way too few pixels.

I really wish the laptop market would start moving off of that and making a retina-level (or greater) the standard.

@Purism @chuck

*Please* make sure that it had a keyboard with gesture input (eh like Swype, or Google keyboard) with great word recognition / suggestion.

Typing in everything by hunting and pecking individual letters is so incredibly slooooooow when you're used to the alternative. Even Samsung's gesture input feels clunky (as it misidentifies words so often)...

@Purism @Gargron If I had the money, sure! My current pc comes from a thrift shop, but will gladly boost.

@Purism May I ask if it's possible to add a secondary language to the physical keyboard layout beside English when placing an order online?

@solicitor This is something that we've considered but haven't had a ton of requests for. Are you talking about having stickers added to the keys in addition to the English keyboard?

@Purism no I'm not talking about stickers added to the keys, I'm talking about probably laser printing a second language layout beside English.

@solicitor Not currently. The minimum order quantity for something like that is too high vs. demand.

@solicitor @Purism i agree with demand like that. Another thing who could be great is to have another m2 connector for 4g module.

@Purism does it have Intel ME? it doesn't specify on the site

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