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@Jelv We would like to, but there are no concrete plans to do so at this time. We can revisit that another time.

We now allow monthly interest free payments as one of our payment options! Purchase your privacy, security, and freedom focused laptop on an easy month by month payment plan.

Black Friday sale today with an amazing 20% off all our Librem laptops. These are our lowest pricing of the year and it's for one day only! The Librem laptops are your gateway to a better digital life. Be woke. it might be best if you came onto our forums and ask us there. For now you could use it. For now, you could use it just like Nitro key.. the real benefits is when HEADS is installed on the machine. Stay tuned.

We are currently thinking up great deals this coming Black Friday! Stay Tuned!

@KekunPlazas @Purism anyone interested in Tor Browser, Signal (or compatible clone), or Guardian Project apps on the phone, please feel free to talk to me directly (here or

I'm actively recruiting volunteer devs for a native Signal / Signal-like client in Gtk, in the hopes that we can bring it to the @Purism Librem 5 phone. Please contact if interested.

PGP/GPG: FA9D 40F1 5FE1 D8AB 8312 4AAA 77E3 1447 CD1F C3F6

@61 @Purism Purism is doing incredible work integrating Matrix as a first-class citizen on the Librem 5 phone and that is our main focus.

Signal serves a "bridging" purpose: users who are currently in the privacy/digital rights space will expect it to run or have to use two phones (making long-term commitment to Purism very unlikely). This is especially true for our early adopters.

We can't tackle network effects overnight and force people into our choice of E2EE client.

@sheogorath @strypey @tootbrute @retropixel
There are no plans at the moment for that. The reason being that we need to focus on the current product and making that successful before working on new product lines. Let's get Librem 5 out the door first and make it a big success!

We are preparing our ethical and -focused technology products & services offering for your . You can help by taking a few minutes to fill out our survey or letting collaborators know about it! Check out

Want to make apps for the @Purism #Librem5? We published a simple roadmap for the libhandy GTK+ phone widgets library, so you can get a grasp of our release cadence:

@citizenzibb You can still get in on the pre-order. Shipping begins towards the end of April.

.@tim_cook the CEO of @apple absolutely correct to attack the "data industrial complex". He's right about privacy but wrong about freedom. Read on: -

Todd Weaver our CEO at @Purism will be speaking today at at 11:45am room 305B - "The Future of Computing and Why You Should Care"

@Tryphon we haven't given up on it. But we needed to focus on the phone and make sure that is successful. Stay tuned next year.

We are here in , come by our booth and check us out. In fact, doing the conference we are giving a 4% discount on our laptops with the coupon code ATO2018!

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