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...she continues: "Purism could have been my one-stop shop for tech-giant-free products had I waited a bit. It plans to start selling a smartphone soon, but unfortunately... it’s not slated for release until this spring."

🎁 Pre-order *your* now!

Kashmir Hill: "Unfortunately, the smartphone market is currently a duopoly. It’s basically impossible to get a smartphone that is not part of the Android or Apple ecosystems."

Hello world! Happy to finally be part of the Mastodon community. Follow us if you are interested in #privacy #personaldata #dataexploitation and #surveillance, we'll be talking a lot about these.

#newcomer #presentation

Kashmir Hill continues cutting out : "I do have a computer, one that I can use for the final two weeks of the experiment: a Librem 13, made by a company called Purism that is fiercely opposed to the tech giants..."

One of the coolest thing about making the new GNOME app icons has been collaborating with @jimmac, Lapo, and @snwh.

Most of the new icons were not designed by a single person, but iterated on by all of us multiple times.

The style makes it possible to try a completely new metaphor very quickly, and reuse parts of icons, which lends itself especially well to this way of working.

🎮 Flossy GNU takes flight! We are happy to announce our forthcoming partnership with GDquest – one that we hope will make the world a happier, more fun place.

@attac_hl @BartG95 @Purism in the typical "you're moving mountains, move *insert-mountain-here* mountain too." our overall plan that we continue to move mountains on is generalized as "iterate, gain leverage, use that leverage to better society." So to your question, and all related questions, we are getting there in our marathon goal where every step improves society.

Currently I am building WIP branch of @postmarketOS community member Clayton Craft which makes it possible to install #PlasmaMobile on @Purism #Librem5 development Kit.

I am excited!

🎁 Buy Now & Save: Librem 5 Early Bird pricing ($599 USD) *extended to February 3*. Preorder pricing ($649 USD) begins Feb 4 and ends when general availability and shipping begins.

Steve Jobs no dejaba que sus hijos utilizaran el móvil que él mismo había creado. En cambio, el fundador de @Purism creó toda una empresa para poder sentirse tranquilo de darle un móvil ético a sus hijos. Ahí está la diferencia.

a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our BoF session at ! We'll be around for the rest of the conference, with a frequent presence at the @gnome booth 🤓

@kylerankin When you see cheap electronics, realize that often the hardware cost is subsidized by spyware agreements and selling user data.

Hey ! Bon FOSDEM à toutes et à tous :)

Je vous ai déjà dit que @exodus y faisait un talk demain samedi à 11h30 dans la room "decentralized Internet and Privacy" ?

Partagez-nous vos découvertes :)

The @fosdem will begin in a few days in Brussels. Our talk, "Analysis of the behavior of mobile applications and its consequences for our privacy" will take place in the Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom !

annual Linux Journal issue: "Todd A. Jacobs... gives an overview to using a YubiKey... Then he follows that up with The Purism Librem Key and how that specific USB hardware key compares to others on the market..."

🎁 Buy Now & Save: Librem 5 Early Bird pricing ($599 USD) *extended to February 3*. Preorder pricing ($649 USD) begins Feb 4 and ends when general availability and shipping begins.

Kashmir Hill: "Even though I don’t use any Windows machines, don’t own an Xbox, and don’t turn to Microsoft Office for document creation, the company still turns out to be tricky to block, not so much online, but in the real world..."

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