Part 6 of TreeofMana's NSFW Margie commission~! The next one will be streamed sometime in the following few days and uploaded to Patreon. Will also be working on some other stuff there this month
You can also find the version of her tail moved to the side there in high res for as low as 1 euro~

Have a good weekend!

Recently I got commissioned by TreeofMana to continue an image set I started in 2014.
I'm still remastering the old set at the time of posting this AND there is more new work underway thanks to TreeofMana!
The next pose is already up on Patreon~!

The old set sadly I only have either lowres images of, or highres but without the shading. It shouldn't take too long to redo it thankfully! Of course, those will be posted to Patreon as well later down the line.

HAPPY CAT DAY!! I just had to draw my fave Samurai Pizza Cats girls to celebrate. Made on stream today. Other versions on Patreon.

Finished this in August for Nintrodraws' as a follow-up to the previous Coco pic. Sunbathing <3
Mostly wanted to doodle something soft and plush for myself haha.

September patron reward sketch for ikesCG on twitter of their latest OC with my Karakasa demon. Just a chill night in~

FRZNcookie's hyilian pinning my Sheikah.
Sketch made in juli for patrons.

Commission of Finn and Mo for an anonymous fan of Unbound <3 Patrons got this and more early~

Painting time in between commissions to prevent feeling overwhelmed!
Cassette girl is owned by DONDRRR

Drew DONDRRR's Casette Girl for some self indulgent doodling.
Might paint it over in my normal extra soft style one day~.
Plus lineart if anyone wants to color or shade it themselves.

Any fellow peeps around? :>
Wanted to do a lame play on words with "I am tired / ik ben moe", cows, demons and Delfts Blauw!
Hope you like this style because there is a big set of postcards and washi tape with these themes coming up later this year!!

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