Going live again on , chatting a bit and working on my website. Join the fray!

SFW stream. Some IRL talks went on longer than expected, but we're on now on
If anyone wants to voice chat, please check the Discord VC and @ me 👌

NSFW Morning stream, THE FINAL STRETCH!! Will also testprint on stream since it will involve color corrections and stuff.

Watch and listen to me ramble about copyright while I try to come up with a fun infographic style!

BACK BACK BACK AGAIN with my sphinx girl, got distracted too much yesterday so gotta finish her up today. Follow the NSFW art stream here:

Patreon community piece made with @ikesCG on twitter lovely bass
player during some livestreams :> Hope you like her as much as we do! Sketches and versions available on my Patreon~🤍

Also to make voice chatting a bit less lonely during streaming haha... Talking to yourself is a bit boring and having to read people's texts out loud slows me down.

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Made a Discord server for likeminded people who wanna chat about art and memes <3 Please note it's an adults only space and generally NSFW, I'm not your nanny or boss so tread carefully.

Margie's beach outfit <3 Will upload full and wet versions later, or get it early on my Patreon~

Livestream in 20 minutes: Finishing art + Production File Setup

Hang out with me for a while while I chase deadlines B)
Stream will be replayable later, no worries!

Ayyyy I joined Twitch! If anyone has tips or just wants to occasionally watch me draw SFW art:
Will be working on charms again tonight.

Once upon a time I made creepy cute orange fluor pins with a hospital theme and they've got a patient now~! I was a bit late with ordering these, so instead of green fluor acrylic, they are printed on solid lime green. Still in production, so they'll arrive way after Abunaicon but right in time for in Nijmegen next month!

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