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For the first time in my life, it has now been a full year since the last time I was in the country where I was born.

There’s someone in my neighbourhood who seems to be in the habit of screaming as they walk. I finally saw (rather than just heard) them doing it a few days ago, and apart from the screaming itself, they didn’t show any obvious signs of distress.

Primal therapy? Tourette’s? Just… the human condition?

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I think I need to write someone a why-didn’t-you-cite-me e-mail. Ugh.

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@jakobpunkt Btw, did you know that MOT is at Mac this year? So there’s a good chance I’ll be in your part of the world ca. March 23–25.

Contemplating a three-leg trip in May/June. The cheapest flights that avoid the U.S. involve changes in at least two of {Montréal, Brussels, Winnipeg} on each leg.

A monocular monocerous anthropophage volant purpure

One of the QC6s that @Jephjacques went from Halifax to Easthampton to sign is now on its way to me in Halifax from Easthampton! It’s possible there was a more efficient way for this to happen, but I’m happy about it nonetheless.

☑ Boarding pass: printed
☑ Sheet music: printed
☐ Laundry: in progress

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