@QQwill Thanks for the follow. :) Cool to see you here, too. :)

@QQwill Hehehe yep I saw the link, thought: not FB, starting fresh, let's go for it. :)

@DaveDeBurgh Just wondering how I view both of my accounts here at once...

@QQwill I've got no clue... Although playing around here for a bit will probably sort that out. :)


@DaveDeBurgh Probably. It's so uncluttered compared to Tweetdeck at the moment.

@QQwill Yep - and I really like the preferences and rules here; keep the trash out. :)

@DaveDeBurgh I have to look through those again. To fine tune!

@QQwill Looks basic at the moment (filters out languages you don't understand), but the rules are really cool - takes care of 'repeat offenders', too, so harassment is taken care of quickly.

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